Children's Resources
Mother Goose in Sign
Mother Goose in Sign presents five Mother Goose rhymes in Signed English.

The Handmade Alphabet
This volume contains "colored-pencil drawings illustrating the hand shapes for the twenty-six letters of the manual alphabet, used by the hearing impaired as a part of American Sign Language.

Handtalk Zoo
Mary Beth and her friends are off for a fun-filled day at the zoo, where they share their adventures by signing in the special language of the deaf.

The Finger Alphabet
This book teaches alphabet signs and starts you on your way to ''talking'' with your hands.

My Signing Book of Numbers
Teaches in sign language the numbers 0-20, 30-100 by tens, 1000 and 1,000,000.

King Midas
Presents the classic tale of the king who wished that everything he touched would turn to gold. Line drawing depict selected sentences in American Sign language.

Piggyback® Songs To Sing
Over 144 simple songs for young children to sign.

You Can Learn Sign Language!
With this fun and easy guide, you'll learn over 300 useful words, all organized by topic.

Signing For Kids
The first signing manual written for kids, this invaluable learning guide is created especially for eight to fourteen-year-olds.

Friends Everywhere (Angelwings #1)
The Little Angel of Friendship watches over Patricia, a nine-year-old deaf girl, as she moves from the family farm to the city and tries to make friends with hearing people.

Little Red Riding Hood
The well-known fairy tale about a little girl who meets a wolf posing as her grandmother, accompanied by diagrams showing how to form the Signed English signs for each word of the text.

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