Video PowerPoint Assignment Quiz


  • Learn the alphabet Go to the dictionary and click on ''Alphabet.'' Practice with a friend so that you learn to read as well as sign.

    Remember to keep your hand steady
    Do not bounce from leter to letter unless it is a double letter

  • Fingerspell your name

Here are some additional words to fingerspell ...

  • Words
  • Demonstrate
  • Pupils
  • While
  • Dictionary
  • Encourage
  • Enough
  • Since
  • U.S.
  • America
  • School
  • Strange

  • Longer words take some skill.

  • You also need to learn the numbers 1 through 10. Go to the dictionary and click on ''Numbers.''

    Practice... Practice.... Practice.....
    15 minutes every day

  • For comments or questions, email Linda Pitmon

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