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This site is dedicated to:
  1. Encouraging communication between the deaf and hearing community.
  2. Developing an understanding and an appreciation of both cultures.
  3. Development of a church ministry to provide the basic needs of the deaf community.

Try our ASL Signing Dictionary. It has over 5,000 words and we have more than 20 online lessons . . . And . . . more to come!!!
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  • Complete access to the dictionary
  • Hours and hours worth of lessons
  • Videos to help improve your signing abilities

    On this site you will find over 20 online lessons with a dictionary of over 5,000 words and phrases. You will also find resources and fieldtrips through the internet that will broaden your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, and culture. The lessons are designed for both individual and small group participation. Additional resources are provided to meet the needs and skill of the individual participant. If you wish further information about the creation of a deaf ministry within your local church, please contact Linda Pitmon at

Linda Pitmon currently interprets for the "I" Street Church of Christ

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